Kassa Overall is a producer, rapper and singer affiliated with Greedhead Music. He has produced some tracks on Das Racist’s mixtapes. Kassa Overall is planning to release a collaboration album with Kool A.D. entitled “Coffee and Cigarettes”. For now, download his mixtape for free and read more about him on his website.

1 - Till I’m Gone feat. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
2 - KOOL AD -skit 1 -
3 - Black And Yellow
4 - Fireworks feat. KOOL AD
5 - TECLA -skit-
6 - What’s My Name feat. TECLA
7 - Owuor Arunga -skit-
8 - Lose Control feat. TECLA
9 - Roll Up feat. Gordon Voidwell
10 - Take A Bow
11 - KOOL AD -skit 2-
12 - I’m Into You
13 - What Would You Do feat Das Racist -bonus track-

Download Stargate Mixtape

Kassa Overall Website

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