Interview of Big Baby Gandhi for XXL - June 4, 2012

More than just a conventional interview, XXL Magazine sat down with Big Baby Gandhi and let him speak about his own representation of his social trajectory. Worth reading.

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Interview in French of Kool A.D. for Rage Mag

Interesting interview of Kool A.D for Rage Mag, a french cultural and political webzine.

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Killer Mike interviewed by Himanshu

Chairlift hanging out with Das Racist

Kool Keith interviewed by Kool A.D.

Mystikal interviewed by Kool A.D.

Kendrick Lamar interviewed by Himanshu

Noisey Talks #7 with John Caramanica (NY Times),  Alex Miller (Vice) & Himanshu Suri

Kool A.D. Interview - The Witzard

Blogger Matt Horowitz talked with Kool A.D. about his upcoming projects.

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Big Baby Gandhi Interview - The Brown Noise

 As the burgeoning internet hip-hop scene matures, and artists like Lil B and Odd Future have found success primarily via the web, artists are finding that it’s not enough anymore to merely be weird and rap. if they want to stick out among the crop of artists buzzing on the west side of tumblr, not only do they have to come correct with esoteric concepts and a unique look, but they have to be consistently lyrical, with a penchant for quotables and a larger-than-life personality seeping from each bar they spit. Queens-born Big Baby Gandhi accomplishes this task. At one moment, he can be in the pocket, dropping polyrhyme after polyrhyme over new-wave synth bloops (Free Yourself From Illusion), and in another, crafting glitchy, high-concept songs about the world’s first rapping robot (GandhiTRON). Gandhi’s self-aware humor and well of self-knowledge make him the perfect fit for Das Racist’s label Greedhead Music, where he is currently signed, and on which he is slated to drop his sophomore mixtape, #NO12LOOKUP2. Big Baby Gandhi was kind enough to chat with The Brown Noise about his life, his history with hip-hop, and the creative process behind #NO12LOOKUP2 below.

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Interview for Thrasher Magazine - February, 2012

Pitchfork Interview - February 17, 2012