Das Racist - Indians From All Directions

Heems - Wild Water Kingdom

Heems’ follow up to Nehru Jackets is out

Stream it or download it here

KechPhrase & Kool A.D. - Brobama

Election Day

Heems - Cowabunga Gnarly

Prod. by Harry Fraud. New album Wild Water Kingdom out 11/01/12 via Greedhead.

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Issue - Teaholics (The Rise) (Feat. Das Racist) (Prod. by Droop-E)

Weekend Money - Yellow (Feat. Heems)

Kool A.D. - All Skreets (Feat. Dada Powell) (Prod.Keyboard Kid)

Heems - Let it Go (Feat. Cee Gee) (Prod. by Keyboard Kid)

Wild Water Kingdom out on October 15

Talib Kweli - I Like it (Feat. Das Racist) (Prod. Oh No)

Off Talib Kweli’s new tape. Download it here

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Das Racist - Tarzan (2011 - Unreleased) (Prod. by WordySoulspeak)

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Heems - Killing Time (produced by BLKHRTS)

New song off Heem’s next mixtape Wild Water Kingdom out this fall.

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Toothpaste [Tecla x Kassa] - 1996

Toothpaste is a duo composed of musicians Tecla and Kassa Overall. The pair has just released a mixtape entitled 1996. This project uses beats from hits originally released in 1996 and features verses from Chaz Van Queen, Big Baby Gandhi, Lakutis, Kool A.D and more. 

Download the mixtape

Be also on the lockout for the next album of Kassa Overall with Kool A.D. called Peaceful Solutions. You can stream the first track off the album and read more about it here.