Bars on Deck (Freestyle) (Feat. Oddisee, Final Outlaw, Homeboy Sandman & Blu)

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Lakutis - Lakutis in Da Haus

Debut EP “I’m in the Forest” - December 1st - Greedhead

Big Baby Gandhi - Big Fucking Baby

Greedhead Music and Mad Decent have released today Big Baby Gandhi’s debut mixtape “Big Fucking Baby”. Not only does Das Racist protege spit some nice bars, but he also produced the entire album. Grab it.

Download the tape

Kool A.D. - Crack Beauty

Y’all already know what it is! It’s your Kool A.D.’s beat tape!

Download the tape

Lushlife Feat. Heems - Adult Goth

Philadelphia rapper Lushlife (a.k.a. Raj Haldar) has just released his mixtape No More Golden Days on Bandcamp. This new project features a song named “Adult Goth” (a take on Gang Gang Dance’s track of the same name) with Heems.

Download the album for free here


New song from Heems


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Dopehead - Plaid Palm Trees

If you have been to a recent Das Racist show, you most certainly already know Dopehead. The Detroit spitter has been rocking with his Bruiser Brigade cohort Danny Brown on the Relax Tour

Dophead has just released his new mixtape “Plaid Palm Trees”. As you might have noticed, the cover art was created by Kool A.D. Heavy bars and great production. That is what you can expect from this free album.

Download Plaid Palm Trees

Small Black Feat. Heems - Two Rivers

This year, Long Island synth wizards Small Black toured with Cults. They met Heems of Das Racist on the road, at a shitty bar in New Orleans. Back in New York over the summer, the guys hung out in the studio. Heems freestyled his “Two Rivers” verse. It’s chamomile mellow. With a loose, honeyed mouth he raps about a bleary morning at his mom’s house in Jackson Heights. Behind him, Small Black’s usually jagged drums roll easy and Small Black’s Josh Kolenik sings of riding in a taxi for too long, wearing headphones. Small Black’s Moon Killer mixtape, featuring a couple more Heems verses, drops November 11th. A full LP is due in 2012.

Source: The Fader

Das Racist - The Mixes

Das Racist has released a few mixes over the last two years. Here is some of them.

1) Check Yo’ Ponytail Mixtape

Tracklist and download link

2) Needle Exchange 009 (self-titled Magazine)

Tracklist and download link

3) Mix Manifesto - Issue Eight (The Pop Manifesto Magazine)

Tracklist and download link

4) Opening Ceremony Mix

Tracklist and download link


Jason Bourne - New song from Heems

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Kool A.D. - Hide Your Love Away

New ambient tape

Download the tape

Kool A.D. - Nite Lite

Y’all ready know what it is!

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